Introducing webЯcade

Feed-driven Gaming

Responsive browser-based gaming powered by feeds.

Games natively execute within the browser across a wide variety of platforms as directed by cloud-based gaming feeds.


Extensive Platform Support

Platform compatibility is made possible by a scalable interface that supports desktop and laptop systems, mobile devices, and Xbox Series X|S gaming consoles.


Browser-based Execution

Games run natively in the browser (not streamed) utilizing a combination of technologies that include JavaScript, WebAssembly, and the HTML5 gamepad and audio interfaces.


Gamepad Support

Navigation of the web-based front-end as well as games support USB or Bluetooth controllers that are compatible with each platform and device type.


Game Feeds

Sharable user-defined feeds identify gaming resources to collect and execute within the context of the browser. Resource types include game content (binaries, etc.) as well as game-related meta-information and assets (artwork, etc.).


Graphical Feed Editor

The webЯcade feed editor provides a much simpler alternative to the manual creation of feeds. The editor allows for quickly creating feeds without requiring any knowledge of the underlying document format.


Growing Application Library

Each item contained in a feed is associated with an application type. Application types include emulators (Atari, Sega, Nintendo) and game engines (Classic Doom). The quantity and type of applications will continue to expand over time.


Overview and Walkthrough

Includes a brief introduction to webЯcade, gameplay from a couple excellent SNES and Genesis homebrew games, demonstrates how to register a custom feed, and walks through major portions of the documentation at a high-level.


Create and Publish

Walks through building a feed with the webЯcade feed editor that includes homebrew games hosted on Dropbox and the Internet Archive. The feed is published to the cloud and played on a desktop system as well as an Xbox Series X|S gaming console.


Xbox Series X|S

Demonstrates running webЯcade on an Xbox Series X|S gaming console, gameplay from several games (Atari 2600, Super Nintendo, and Sega Genesis), walks through registering a custom feed, and a brief overview of the Xbox-specific documentation.


iPhone/iPad (iOS)

Demonstrates running webЯcade on an iPhone, walks through the process to pair a Bluetooth controller, gameplay from an excellent Sega Genesis shooter, registers a custom feed, and a brief overview of the iOS-specific documentation.


Play Now.

The default feed includes high-quality publicly available games and demos for popular Atari, Nintendo, and Sega systems.